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Flawless Laser Center now offers Vitamin B12 injection and ViPeel, a pain-free and innovative skincare formulation for all skin types.

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Vitamin B12

The B12 will be priced at $25 per injection.

Vitamin B12: Cobalamin: plays a critical role in the pathways of the body that produce cellular energy. It is needed for DNA synthesis, proper Red blood cell formation and normal neurologic system function. Vegans or Vegetarians may benefit from B12 supplements. B12 is predominately found in chicken, beef, fish, milk and eggs.

Vitamin B12 also called cobalamin is a water soluble vitamin that plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system and the formation of red blood cells.

B12 injectible is used to prevent pernicious anemia and B12 deficiency. It also has been used to prevent and treat a neuromuscular system disorder called myelopathy. It has been used off label to treat tremors, cyanide poisoning, nerve damage caused by shingles or diabetes, tiredness, fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, bleeding disorder, cancer, liver and kidney disease. It has been said to prevent arteries from reclogging after surgery.

We suggest that the B12 injections be used with oral B complex vitamins to heighten the effect. Oral B vitamins can be purchased in any drug store, as well as B12 sublingual. B12 injections are used for Folic Acid deficiency and B12 deficiency and in no way guarantees any off-label use.