Top 3 Common Body Contouring and Laser Skin Tightening Myths Dispelled

Non-invasive fat reduction with Velashape or UltraShape is one of the easiest ways to eliminate fat without surgery. While there’s no…

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Here’s Why You Should Begin Laser Hair Removal Treatments Before Summer

As the temperature rises during the spring and summer months, the swimsuits, shorts, and short summer dresses come out. This…

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Injectables 101: Understanding Fillers

If you want to deal with age lines, wrinkles, recessed scars, or facial creases, dermal injections (or fillers) are an…

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Why We Chose the GentleLase

Laser hair removal is both a science and an art. It takes a thorough understanding of dermatology and medical equipment…

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Flawless Laser Center Gives Website a Facelift

New Website Offers Sleeker, More Beautiful Design and Better Accessibility Los Angeles, CA (Oct 31, 2016) — Flawless Laser Center…

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